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Did an Officer of the Law Pull You Over Without Cause?

Hire a DWI attorney to investigate your case in Albuquerque?

If you’ve been accused of driving while intoxicated, call Eric Hannum right away. He will investigate the circumstances surrounding your arrest and challenge the officer’s claim. Attorney Hannum will:

  • Interview the officer who arrested you
  • Collect the discovery from the state
  • Analyze video and audio recordings
  • Examine your medical records
  • Analyze the state's evidence
  • Assess the validity of the charges

Attorney Hannum will analyze your case from every possible angle to challenge the state's case.

Call 505-842-6171 to schedule a free DWI consultation in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Protect your driver's license

In almost every DWI law case in New Mexico, the state will try to revoke your license. Eric Hannum will fight to help you keep it. He'll work toward protecting your rights. 

Contact Attorney Hannum today to maintain your freedom in Albuquerque, New Mexico.